vargam0r said: Putellizza is the worst name ever for nutella pizza

It could be that it was bad for a reason.. it could be that while you were busy criticizing my invention, I was eating your pizza and your nutella, and leaving clever decoys in their place.. I wasn’t, but I still could have if I had thought of it earlier. I hate you >_>

vargam0r said: I have nutella AND pizza. Nutella pizza. Mmmmm.

Do not toy with me, woman! If you don’t share your putellizza, I will take it from you by force! I have powers.

glitterbuddah said: I want nutella :(

Gabithy needs nutella also.. This is quickly going to turn into some kind of sandwich spread heist if demand continues to rise like this.

Tumblr, why are you always so dead at this time? It’s because I’m in Australia, isn’t it? Man, I want nutella.. If you read this and you possess nutella, it is now mine god damn it.